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We have been awarded as:

“Best Oil & Gas Energy Saving Technology Provider 2019 – Spain”

by Corporate Vision Magazine.

At MERYT Catalysts & Innovation, we are passionate about our DOUBLE MISSION:

 TO HELP OUR CUSTOMERS TO INCREASE THEIR BENEFITS, by reducing their catalyst and energy costs and optimizing production processes 

 TO GROW THE BUSINESS OF THE COMPANIES that we proudly represent

Thanks to our long-standing experience and the latest technologies provided by leading companies that we represent, we help to implement innovative solutions to our customers in the fields of Refining, Petrochemical, Engineering and Gas Treatment.

More than twenty years
of expertise
in industrial catalytic processes.

MERYT Catalysts & Innovation builds on more than twenty years of expertise in process development that helps both customers and suppliers to reach their respective objectives

Catalysts & Adsorbents


Catalytic processes are ommipresent in the refining and pretochemical industry, making these processes more economic and environmentally sustainable.



oil and gas industry in a powerful color concept

We are aware of the newest technologies and products in the Refining and Petrochemical industry.



Oil palm derived biodiesel in test tubes and BIOFUEL word.

We take part in the development of sustainable industrial processes, thus making a valuable contribution to the protection of our environment and our planet’s future.


For our Customers,

MERYT Catalysts & Innovation provides a wide portfolio of technologies that perfectly adapt to your needs, always under the premise of high efficiency and perfomance to MAXIMIZE PROFITABILITY and also reducing the environmental impact of your processes. 

 For our Principals,

MERYT Catalysts & Innovation means direct connection with local markets and the most efficient way to INTRODUCE NEW PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES AND TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS, through representation by experienced and technically sound personal. 

A world of solutions for New
Products and Technologies



We provide solutions perfectly adapted to our customer's needs. Products and lastest Technologies to meet the ever-changing requirments of the industry.
We represent the “Best-in-Class” companies of each sector in order to provide the optimal products and technologies to our customers, in line with the newest developments in the respective industrial sectors.

High Efficiency

Maximizing the profitability of your industrial processes, along with reducing their environmental impact.
We work to increase the profitability of all industrial processes, always taking into account the environment.

Global Advice

We provide expertise and the technical support for our Principal's Products and Technologies.
We create a synergistic team with the experts from our partners to provide the best service to our customers.