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Mahatma Gandhi

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We help you in selecting the right adsorbent product and in designing the right process for each adsorption application.

Technical Services

Our offered technical services for the adsorption units are summarized as below:

Adsorption Process Design

We provide the process design package for a new adsorption unit based on the customer’s particular application after receiving the feed characteristics as well as any required technical data. We also review the existing adsorption unit design and then recommend the best practical solutions to improve unit operations, focusing on small changes in the existing process. Usually the adsorption unit operation can be optimized to save regeneration energy costs and extend the adsorbent lifetime.

Field Services

We assist you during the adsorbent products loading, startup and operation phases and complete all necessary performance tests, warranting that an optimum operating status of your adsorption unit is quickly attained. We also provide consulting services and technical assistance for the adsorption unit operation after full commissioning so that competent advice is readily available on site.


We provide technical training tailored to your adsorption needs, ranging from the design of adsorption units to how to troubleshoot adsorption unit performance problems.

Please, contact us at info@meryt-chemical-com and we will be very happy to help you.