Chemistry without catalysis, would be a sword without a handle, a light without brilliance, a bell without sound.”

Alwin Mittasch


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Catalytic processes are present in almost every chemical manufacturing process, therefore the selection of the best catalytic system perfectly adapted to the specific characteristics of each manufacturing unit, will have a decisive impact on the profitability of the business.

In many cases, catalysts are also the main cost drivers in the manufacturing process. Their optimal selection is critical to achieve highest efficiency and the longest catalytic lifetime cycles. This process is always done complying with all the environmental and regulatory requirements.

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MERYT Catalysts & Innovation counts on more than twenty years of expertise in the development of catalytic processes which helps both customers and suppliers to reach their respective objectives: for customers, expert technical advice with guidance to the optimal technology, and for suppliers, relationship and knowledge of the specific customer’s needs.

Our main strength is technical knowledge and broad experience in all refinery processes, in particular those involving catalysis: hydrotreatment, hydrocracking, catalytic cracking (FCC), reforming, various hydrogenation processes, etherification and adsorption processes in general within the oil and gas processing and petrochemical industries.


Major Companies that we represent in the Area of Catalysts are:


SINOPEC CATALYST CO. LTD. (SCC)is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Petroleum and Chemical Catalysts in Asia.

The production sites of SCC are mainly located around Beijing and Shanghai and in  the Hunan, Shandong, Liaoning and Jiangsu provinces. SCC has eight wholly-owned divisions including SCC Changling Division, SCC Qilu Division, SCC Beijing Aoda Division, SCC Beijing Yanshan Division, SCC Shanghai Division, SCC Fushun Division, SCC Nanjing Division and SCC Precious Metals Division. It also has two holding subsidiaries, with Hunan Jianchang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Leader Catalyst Co., Ltd.

The Technology Resources of SCC are based in five Research Centres:

Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing(RIPP)
Sinopec Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology(SRIPT)
Sinopec Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals(FRIPP)
Sinopec Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry(BRICI)
Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry(SRICI)

with more than 3500 researchers work every day in Catalytic Research and Development holding more than 33000 patents.

Our product lines cover:

    • FCC catalysts
    • FCC sulfur reducing additives
    • FCC propylene enhancing additives
    • Hydrotreatment catalysts
    • Hydrocracking catalysts
    • Residual oil hydrogenation catalysts
    • Reforming catalysts
    • Ethylene and propylene selective hydrogenation catalysts
    • Ethylene polymerization catalysts
    • Propylene polymerization catalysts
    • Isomerization catalysts
    • Toluene disproportionation catalysts
    • Ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalysts
    • Acrylonitrile catalysts
    • PTA catalysts
    • Catalyst for EO/EG
    • Catalysts for one-stage hydrogenation of cracking gasoline
    • Paraxylene adsorbents
    •                           S-Zorb catalyst
    • MTO catalyst for the coal chemical industry

While meeting the domestic market demand, SCC explore and develop the international markets in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa.

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KaiRui Chemical Co. Ltd. KaiRui Environmental      

Technology Co. Ltd.

KAIRUI Environmental Technology Co, Ltd. is the Asia’s largest resin catalyst producer. The company’s headquarters and Technology Centre are located in Beijing, and has its production site in Cangzhou city, Hebei province. In addition to catalyst manufacturing, KaiRui provide Process Technology Development for petrochemical applications.

KaiRui’s portofolio of catalytic resins covers all the major petrochemical applications: Etherification, Hydration, Condensation, Alkylation, Esterification, Cyclolization, Polymerization, Biodiesel Purification, Phenol Purification. Industrial water treatment resins are also available.

KaiRui’s Products and Services are widely utilized across China and increasingly exported to Europe, USA, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

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SINOCATA (SINO CATALYST CO LIMITED) is an innovative Chinese company in the field of industrial catalysis, that covers all the catalysts portfolio for oil refinery, petrochemical and chemical technologies, with more than 200 products:

  • Adsorbents: Molecular sieve, Carbon molecular sieve, Activated alumina, Acitvated carbon, Activated clay, Silica gel, Speciality Adsorbents.
  • Bed grading: Inert topping media, Active grading materials.
  • Catalysts: Platforming Catalyst, FCC Catalyst, Hydrocracking Catalyst, Hydrotreating Catalyst, Sulfur Recovery Catalyst, Steam Reforming Catalyst, CO Shift Catalyst, Methanation Catalyst, Methanol Synthesis Catalyst, Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalyst, Ethylene Oxychlorination Catalyst, Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst, Dehydrogenation Catalyst.
  • Purification: Sulfur Removal, Chloride & Halogen Removal, Arsine & Phosphine Removal, Mercury Removal, Oxygen & Hydrogen Removal, VOC Removal, CO, O2 and H2 removal adsorbent from air.
  • Inert Balls: Inert ceramic balls, Inert alumina balls.
  • Zeolites: NaY Zeolite, ZSM-5 Zeolite, HY Zeolites, REY Zeolites, Beta Zeolite.
  • Noble Metal catalyst: Pd on Carbon, Pt on Carbon, Rh on Carbon, Ru on Carbon.
  • Pseudoboehmite: Pseudoboehmite (Specialty), Pseudoboehmite (Gelling Grade), Boehmite.

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TMS2 bv (Transition Metal Solutions) is a private company based in the Netherlands dedicated to Vanadium and Transition Metal Chemistry, that combines R&D, Technical support, Regulatory services and production process knowledge and competences under one organization.

We provide high quality Transition Metal based Specialty chemical solutions and powders across a variety of market sectors, including Catalysts, Pigments, Gas Processing and Battery Technology.

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Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co. Ltd. (CARBON), Ltd is a company specialized in all kind of activated carbon of the highest quality at competitive prices. We cover all types of activated carbons: coal activated carbons, wood activated carbons, coconut shell activated carbons, etc….. for all applications.

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