Founder /Owner: Dr. Meritxell Vila

PhD in Chemistry (Chemical Engineering) from the University of Barcelona. I started my professional life working for REPSOL at the Research Centre in Cartagena (Spain) studying Ion Exchange Resin catalysts for the ETBE/MTBE synthesis. After spending several years on Process Development, at the pilot plant units of the Research center, related with gasoil hydrotreatment and gasoline hydrodesulfurization, I moved to the Repsol Cartagena refinery to work at the Quality Control Laboratory and the Process Department in the Lubricants and Hydrotreatment divisions. I was responsible for Solomon studies and Industrial trials for innovative processes and the Catalysts Coordinator of the refinery.

In 2011, I joined IMCD Spain, moving into chemicals distribution, where I have been working as Product and Project Manager representing the major international catalyst and adsorbent manufacturers in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

In February 2016, I have started my own company MERYT Catalysts & Innovation to offer my knowledge and expertise both to customers and suppliers and help to grow their respective businesses.


tel.: +34 670 518 438

Technical Consultant: Saeid Mokhatab

Saeid Mokhatab is one of the most recognizable names in the natural gas community through his contributions to advancing the technologies in the natural gas processing industry. He has been actively involved in different aspects of several large-scale gas processing projects, from conceptual design through plant startup and operations support. He has presented on gas processing technologies worldwide and has published 300 technical papers and two renowned Elsevier’s handbooks in collaboration with leading experts from the largest international engineering companies and prominent process licensors. His numerous publications, which are widely read and highly respected, have set the technical standards in the natural gas processing industry and are considered by many as major references to be used for any gas processing/LNG project in development. He has held technical advisory positions for leading professional journals, societies and conferences in the field of gas processing, and has received a number of international awards and medals in recognition of his outstanding work in the natural gas industry.