Founder /Owner: Dr. Meritxell Vila

PhD in Chemistry (Chemical Engineering) from the University of Barcelona. I started my professional life working for REPSOL at the Research Centre in Cartagena (Spain) studying Ion Exchange Resin catalysts for the ETBE/MTBE synthesis. After spending several years on Process Development, at the pilot plant units of the Research center, related with gasoil hydrotreatment and gasoline hydrodesulfurization, I moved to the Repsol Cartagena refinery to work at the Quality Control Laboratory and the Process Department in the Lubricants and Hydrotreatment divisions. I was responsible for Solomon studies and Industrial trials for innovative processes and the Catalysts Coordinator of the refinery.

In 2011, I joined IMCD Spain, moving into chemicals distribution, where I have been working as Product and Project Manager representing the major international catalyst and adsorbent manufacturers in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

In February 2016, I have started my own company MERYT Catalysts & Innovation to offer my knowledge and expertise both to customers and suppliers and help to grow their respective businesses.


tel.: +34 670 518 438